Picture of MeHi, I’m Roly! 28 years old. Studied 3D Animation @ Bradford Uni & did a pretty good job. But since completing my course I really havn’t done much with my skills. So now I have finally decided to pull my finger out & build a website to show some of my past work & new upcoming projects!


Anyway, my main reason to pull my finger out is due to my friend “@MCKEZ1″ aka Kieron who I studied with at Harrogate College. He is currently working on a track & requires a music video. As I did a music video at Uni & he quite liked it, he asked me to work on his. So as we only just started our little group recently, I thought I would build a website to go along with it. Which is also good for whoever decides to follow us because you can see how a bunch amateurs will go about creating a music video from scratch. I will keep you all updated on my main page as to how things are progressing.

I’m just going to fill this space with some stuff, just so it might get picked up by a search engine. The rest you can find out by downloading my CV on the sidebar.

Here goes: Born & educated in Switzerland & unsure of what to do with myself, I decided to come over to England to study Information Technology. Animation was subject to the course and being a big fan of 3D Animation & Games I really enjoyed this & decided to follow this route after completing my IT course. I started a Creative Technology course at Harrogate College where we would learn Animation, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Film / Video & Audio. There we did some great group projects like filming, editing & producing a DVD for Nat West charity fashion show. Completing this course I finished the final year at Bradford University with a BSc in 3D Animation.

If you ever feel the urge to ask a question or just want to share your input, feel free to contact me.