About Time

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve left a comment on here, I’ve been busy updating my works website www.brightstaruk.com with new products and detailed description. There is only so much you can do with they’re website the way it has been set up, but I’ve managed to add an online Catalogue, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page. We are in the process of filming every single Firework and then uploading them to YouTube. I am then generating QR Codes which we will be adding to our catalogue to link to each individual piece of footage. People can then read the catalogue and scan the codes to see the effects.

Ill be using tiny.cc to keep track of this. What they allow me to do is create a QR code with a shortened url. If in the future we have to change the video. tiny.cc allows you to change the long url link but keep the shortened one seen as you can’t change  the QR or YouTube links. Anyway guys, what’s your thoughts to this. Don’t be shy, leave a comment.

What’s your favourite creative Music Video?

As we want to create a “stand out” Music Video for @MCKEZ1 track, we have been researching a lot of different styles which may fit with his lyrics. These are my 3 favourites: Queens of the Stone Age – Go with the flow, Gorillaz – Feel good Inc & Kanye West – Good Morning. What is your favourite creative music video? Please comment below.

Create a customised QR Code

QR Code - Roly 3D

You may have noticed the QR code being added to my Facebook or twitter page. Here is how I went about making one. It’s pretty straightforward. Go to any qr code generator website. I used this one. Once the code has been generated, test it with your smartphone to see if it works. Save the image & open up in Photo Editing Software. Create a new layer and just draw or add an image in the centre of the bar-code. It can’t be too big because the reason this works is that the QR reader only needs to recognise so many certain points on the code.
Try it out and let me know how it went. Any problems, please get in touch.

3D Animation, Google Analytic’s & my CV

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend. Not much new has happened on the website apart from adding my CV which you can now download. Well only if you have the password. I’ve added some more text to the about me page just so search engines can find the site better. Words like “3D Animation & Web design” which people might type in quite often. I’ve started Google Analytic’s to keep track of it.

Image Gallery

Got a small gallery up & running of some old images that I found in my emails. Used the Lightbox Plus plugin with the WordPress Gallery to get the effect. Looks very nice I think. As soon as I get some more images / videos, I will add these to the site.

Social Links

Been fiddling around trying to get all the main social link sites up & running. Tried & tested some different ways of getting my social buttons to link to the sites until I found a nice plugin called Image Widget by Modern Tribe Inc. Saved me a lot of time & it looks pretty good. Check it out on the right. Please note that you won’t find much on the social sites as they have been newly set up. But follow / like them anyway to keep informed. Going to start working on the gallery & header image to jazz it up a little.

Getting started

Been playing around with word press and have now updated my about me page and found a nice plug called “AJAX contact form” for the contact page. I’ve sent myself an email to test it out & works perfectly. Currently working on a gallery page just to add a couple of old images & links to facebook & twitter. Any suggestions, please don’t be shy to comment. Cheers.